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Meet Author Nina Jones Kunze

-Excerpt from "Anna Wolfrom Dove and the Wigwam Tea Room" by Nina Jones Kunze 

​People were surprised to come upon a tea room and curio shop after a hike through miles of forest.....

​​Nina Jones Kunze


Anna Wolfrom Dove and The Wigwam Tea Room: The Remarkable Single Woman Homesteader and the History of Her Legendary Tea Room in the Rocky Mountains is Nina's debut. After learning about Anna and that very few people knew about her, Nina plunged into writing about this gutsy woman with a determination that she would no longer be ignored in Estes Park history.

Also available at MacDonald Bookstore in Estes Park, Rocky Mountain Nature Conservancy, or the Estes Park Museum.

Over a hundred years ago, a gutsy woman opened a tea room in a cabin she'd built in the mountain wilderness on land she homesteaded and singlehandedly earned the patent to.  Her name was Anna Wolfrom, and she called her business the Wigwam Tea Room.

In the Wigwam's heyday, up to 200 visitors a day enjoyed fancy cakes, candies and beverages while relaxing on Anna's porch and enjoying the magnificent mountain views. Anna eventually moved her business into downtown Estes Park and became one of the town's earliest and most successful single female entrepreneurs.

The cabins that housed the Wigwam, and adjacent homes for Anna and her staff are still standing in what is now Rocky Mountain National Park. A well-kept secret except among locals, they have withstood vandalism and neglect over the years, but because there were people who worked hard to preserve them and Anna's memory, they still stand. This book will tell you where you can find this historic treasure, its history, and about the fascinating woman who had the courage to make a successful life in this spectacular and secluded setting.